Favorite Film Moments

Against the dreary thoughts and colors of current life in general—no clubs, no live music, no art house theater or museum visits—my mind started pulling up favorite film moments. Little jewel-like touchstones or candles in the dark (excuse the blur of metaphors). This is not an exhaustive list, and nothing like a complete list from each of the films listed, but it’s a start.

Wings of Desire

Peter Falk savoring the idea of holding a steaming cup of coffee, and telling Bruno Ganz it’s the small moments he treasures most.

The English Patient    

Juliette Binoche gets a very special viewing of the inside of an old church.

Also, something I couldn’t find an image for: After Count Almasy is injured and taken to a cave, a healer walks in from the bright-lit day carrying small beautifully colored bottles that glow with the sunlight shining behind him.

Only Lovers Left Alive      

Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston dancing to Denise LaSalle’s song “Trapped by a Thing Called Love.”

Mad Max Fury Road

Every single one of those crazy amazing vehicles!  When do we get to drive one?