Other voices, (4) good reads

005 cropRegret, Resignation Day First Class Literature
flash fiction by Steven Ray Smith

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Falling in Love with Bahia & Brazil: On Negritude, Saudade, & Surrender Words Without Borders
by Naomi Jackson

[Excerpt] Determined to keep my hot foot off Brazilian soil, I cut short conversations with friends who traveled to Brazil and caught Luso-fever. I thought that the Caribbean, West Africa, and South Africa, where I’d traveled in search of blackness that both reflected and diverged from my own in ways that were instructive, affirming, provocative, and occasionally downright maddening, were enough.

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Conversations with Contributors: Brian Tierney (Issue 11, Poetry)  Adroit Journal

[Excerpt]  I…was pretty far down the path of prose and literary studies graduate-level work when I realized I wanted to be writing poetry more seriously…poetry was the most natural way of exercising my humanity.

I wanted the “I” to be recognizably me, and so, be able to hold the weight of authentic experience, but also be capable of multiplicity and difference, of expansion and contraction, of observation and experience that could mean something to someone else.

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Translating Southeast Asia  Moving Worlds
Editorial by Shirley Chew

[Excerpt]  With Moving Worlds acquiring a second home in Singapore in 2011, ‘region’ which had meant Yorkshire when the journal was based solely in Leeds, now includes Southeast Asia…places of historical and cultural antiquity and modern nation-states astir with the often aggressive business of progress and  development.

Against the turmoil of public events, this issue explores some invigorating examples of crosscultural creativity in the region.

Read the article here.


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